So I'd been seeing lots of people pinning Whoopie Pie recipes and after the seventy eleven zillionth pin showing up on my pinterest page I thought I'd give it a whack.
Unfortunately I picked up the wrong flour tub when I was getting my ingredients together, and instead of my good Doves Farm gluten-free blend I used the '00' Dopia pasta flour. D'oh. The worst thing was I didn't realise until AFTER I'd made the pies and the marshmallow filling.
They looked and smelled lovely, but instead of being soft and cakey they were dry and crumbly.
Mark this one down for 'try again' (this time with the right flour!)


Mothers Day

I'm a bit late posting this as Mothers Day was last month, but here's a quick look at the cupcakes I made.
Chocolate cola cake a the base and fudge frosting on top. I used the BBC recipe again, but instead of pouring hot frosting over the warm cakes, I let the frosting cool completely and beat the bejaysus out of it to make it fluffy.
Then I just topped the cakes with an in-lay 'M' from fondant.