Princess Peach

'Hey' I texted my sister on Monday. 'Do you want me to bake the kids birthday cakes? Let me know!'
I didn't catch the reply until Monday evening.

'Yeah, that would be great, C wants a princess cake, I'm having a tea party for her on Wednesday'


Which left me one day to bake and design an appropriately pink and pretty princess cake. yoiks!
Tuesday morning found me up an early down at the top of Grafton st in the cake shops getting pink icing, pink food colouring and basically any other pink thing I could find. I'd lain in bed that morning doing google image searches for 'pink princess' and I had decided on either Princess Aurora or Princess Peach. It would depend on how skillful I was with a tracing wheel really.

The cake baking part of the process didn't go so well, the first cake was pure dough when it cooled. The second cake worked out and the third cake (supposed to be the next layer) fell to pieces when I took it out of the pan while it was still too warm. doh! AT this point I just said fuck it, and cut the one cake I had in half to make a sandwich. It was only a small tea party for family so I didn't need a full 9 inch square.

To fill up the space on the cake board I cut out some extra daisies, and a couple of butterflies and embossed the letters of my nieces name in pink stars. As you can see I went with Princess Peach - although her lips are black as I forgot to get pink edible marker and I didn't trust my free hand painting skills.

The niece was thrilled with the cake, luckily 6 year olds are easily impressed. I didn't get any shots of the cake when it was cut, but yes of COURSE the cake was pink - the only part of the cake that wasn't pink was the buttercream in the sandwich.

Next week I have to start the prep for my nephews birthday cake. HINT: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


tanita davis said...

You are an ACE auntie! Sheesh! What a frilly and pretty cake - love the wee flowers. At least Sponge Bob is square, but ... wow. Detail of all of those little divots in the sponge and his big buck teeth... can't wait to see it.

Elimare said...

ha, thanks Tanita :)
I'm wondering if I should cheat and use circles of fondant for the 'divots' or if I'm skilled enough to hack lumps out of the cake to make it look spongey!

David T. Macknet said...

Go for the cheating - seriously.

That's a truly beautiful cake, by the way. Well done!

(the captcha: womband. Trying to figure whether it's something uncomfortably biological, or is a strange mammal)